Monday, November 11, 2019


This is a very late post about my bro's favourite time of the year,

🎃Halloween!  🎃

Bro, The Pickle Man and his loyal Dog, The Devil.

Oh he's not just a pickle, he's a Garlic Dill Pickle!

 A night before the Halloween,
Daddy made a pickle jar lantern.

This is the back of the jar.

Nutrition Facts label is a requirement in Canada.  

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain and very windy


it didn't stop my bro! 😅

Can you see jumping pickle?

"Mommy, everyone is so kind!"

After two hours and a half of trick or treating,
he was SO satisfied. 

This years winner is Aero! 

Poor mom was SO exhausted.
 Next day,
Pumpkin Parade took place at nearby park.

Great idea! 

This is our favourite, Peanuts!  

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Pinot/J & R