Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Dog Me, Pinot!! :)

My paws are good!  I can almost get anything I want
with my small paws! :)

I am super dog, Pinot! 

Pinot/J & R

ps:  It's cold here. My sissy is taking a nap.  
So......, this is my own post!!  hehehe...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mini Quiches Nite!

This was taken about ten days ago when we had tons of snow.

Sidewalks were frozen!! We didn't do walkies at all.

Our brudder didn't mind our backyard ice rink but we did!
It was freezing to pee!

Today we can say (no pic!)...

Finally all the ice is gone.  

We were bored so as humans.
They decided to make Mini Veggie Quiches. 

Not a bad idea!  :) :)

"I am in charge, mommy~"

He helped mom to roll out the crusts and cut out to circles.
Then he placed the fillings and poured the egg mixture into crusts in the tins.

Our brudder was very happy to finish his job!

Well done!

40 minites later.

After another 30 minutes of long wait to cool them down...

It was really really good!

Mom forgot to publish our post last night
and guess what?
Snow comes back this morning!!!  

Me...Pinot got a new frisbee. Yay!

Stay warm, everyone!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Good bye 2013!

How did we end the year 2013?
Of course, with a good food. 
Daddy's pizza!

Our fridge was almost empty and humans didn't feel like picking up groceries
on a very cold evening.

So he made a pizza using remaining food, tomatoes, anchovies,
Gorgonzola and Onion.

This simple recipe was so good!

Pinot doesn't like hanging out around the oven but I, Momo, do!
There is often something yummy in it!

"Is it ready soon daddy?"

First we had a sample size of pizza!

We don't mind to get a bit bigger pieces!

'Do trick, Momo and Pinot' commanded daddy.


Then daddy's baguette was ready!

'Inhale..... deeply'

*** New Look ***

We started a blog in 2006 and we only changed its layout
So mom finally made a teeny tiny change, background colour!
Do you like it?!?

Daddy prefers old one...

Momo & Pinot/ J & R