Monday, January 22, 2024


Hello and happy 2024 everyone!

Me pretending a hooman.

During bro's winter break, I took him for long walkies.

We walked on the very muddy and slippery trail to 

Former Don Valley Brick Works used clay extracted from the
quarry and water to manufacture the bricks to build Toronto.
It's now transformed to a public place.  You also find a dog off-leash area.

The former brick factory.

Angel Momo and Pinot often visited here.
Mom says Angel Pinot once jumped into the water behind us.
What a fond memory!

Looking down the ravine from top of the hill.  Can you see Toronto's skyscrapers behind?

After 6K walkies, Spa was offered. bol

Me wearing Angel Pinot's robe.

Walkies with mom on rainy evening.

And... mild evening. 

The first major snow storm of the season hit Toronto on the 9th.

And I couldn't wait to sample snowflakes!

Nice and chilly!

After messy snow is gone from the sidewalks, i found a stick in the morning! 

It's dark but 7 in the morning.

This was my temporary toy. :)

We lost one booty during storm
found it next day!

It's bit worn out. 

Lately it's freezing cold! 

Timely my extra long booties arrived!

Bro is back to school and we try to do bro-bro time on the weekend.

Oh... I took my daddy out for walkies this past weekend!

See you next time!  Stay warm!

Juno/J & R