Saturday, January 29, 2011

Album 2010 No.2

It's time for a spa at home after our morning walky!
Can you join us to receive nice massage under warm shower?
***** Album 2010 No.2 *****
Today we'd love to share another family album which we promised
The ceremony was taken place at the beach house where our humans stayed
on the beautiful Oahu, Hawaii in October. Here's our brudder who had to try everything.
Our brudder was greeted by many vendors who had arrived and was a bit tired.
He had to take a quick power nap before the ceremony. Clever!
The big moment was about to come....
Our brudder decided to tell his mom how to hold the bouquet properly.
The ceremony began along with a beautiful music
performed by a Ukulele player.
Mom and dad walked a bit on the beach that our brudder absolutely loved.
Congrats, mom and dad!
Mom was relaxed after the ceremony and she smiled to the camera.
Our handsome daddy looks very....... handsome!
Our brudder was being himself. He's always a happy guy.
Do you remember this figurine we posted before?
You may wonder how we got this.
Mom and dad were looking for one of a kind cake topper.
Knowing we weren't able to make it to Hawaii,
they really wanted US to be on the figurine and found a good company
who could create something special.
This is what we did.
Mom and their design team exchanged many emails and
images. This mug shot was one of the images that mom sent out.
This is the very first 2D sketch.
To open the attachment from the cake topper company was a exciting moment.
This is the almost final 2D sketch before 3D figurine was made.
Trust us!
Mom was super particular but the design team accepted all her modifications.
We were all very satisfied to see the figurine.
Look at us! Dad thinks even our facial expressions are real.
Me... Momo always concern something and me Pinot, a One Happy Go Lucky doggie!
Our markings on the back are real, too. :D :D
Than you so much Fundeliver to make our day very special.
The whole process was a fun and pleasant experiences and
this sculpture still makes us smile.
If you're interested in a bit more details, click here.
Enjoy your weekend!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All we need is good food!

After walky on the snowy park and salty road,
we have to take a bath....
or at least, we need a 'quick rinse' in the sink.
How embarrassing!!
It's been cold here. All we need is of course good food!!
Here's our pup brudder who enjoyed his sautéed Banana
and Hagen-datz ice cream.
Last week, mom and dad felt like BBQ.
Dad was excited to try salmon on the BBQ for the first time.
Salmon came out quite well.
This evening, dad also prepared sauteed King Oyster mushroom.
We never have it but mom loves this!
Next evening, they had BBQ salmon again. This time, dad decided to
BBQ the same mushroom. They said it was smoky and yum.
Two days later, they had salmon AGAIN!!!!!
It served with baby spinach salad (again!) with sauteed *small Portobello mushroom.
(*We forgot its name. Can anybody help us?)
We got to share a bit of Salmon and a lot of whole grain rice.
Last Sunday was really cold. It was -20C (-4F) for all day long!!
It was way too cold to walk on the icy road so
we were carried by dad when we went outside in the evening.
What mom and dad had on that crazy cold evening was Seafood Tom Yum Soup.
It's spicy and sourly and we couldn't share.
Mom and dad, can you please make something we call all eat together?
Have a great day!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Friday, January 21, 2011

A big lick to everyone!

The reason why we posed was .....
We just came back from the groomer!
See...... many humans say new born human pup smells so good..
Guess what? We're just like these human pups.
Mom and dad think I Pinot looks like a pup again.. so they call me
Pinot (The) Baby instead of Pinot (The) Boy!
To avoid yucky sticky salt (to melt snow) we get on our paws from the pavement,
dad asked the groomer girl C to trim our paws this time.
I give one more BIG lick to my sissy, mom, dad
and YOU !!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Album 2010 No.1

***** Fetch in the snow! *****
is fun BUT it is not easy work!
"My friend was about to be a frozen frisbee!"
Let me dig him from this side.
After my hard work, I found yourself in the snow, not my frisbee.
Grrrrr... Handsome me had such a bad hair day. :(
***** Album 2010 *****
We thought it would be nice to share our album from last year
with you by bits by bits.
Today we'll post some some Christmas photos.
When we got up on Christmas day, we found more pressies under the tree.
Thanks, Santa Paw. You did a great job until the las minutes!
Then we heard mom turned on the oven.
"Can you tell what mom is going to make?"
Gingerbread man cookies!!
These are supposed to be healthy snack for doggies and humans.
"Do we have to share these doggie treats with humans?"
While cookies were cooling down, our pup brodder found this Thomas boy
and he immediately assumed it was HIS.
A one happy human was playing with his new toy.
Then it was time for us to open the pressies.
This package of goodies was from our Cavalier friend Kana. Her mom and our mom
have known each other for 220 years. Thank you Kana and auntie M!!
We tried smoked birdy first. YUM! YUM!
Our brudder took a short break and had a bite of cookies.
Then I smell SOMETHING!!!
Daddy started cooking Christmas dinner!!!!!
Our brudder was so preoccupied by Thomas and his friends for hours and hours.
Mom usually needs to pay SO much attention to him so
she actually didn't know what to do. BOL
"Look! It's ready!!!!"
Don't you think Mr. Birdy is gorgeous? He had a very good posture
and his evenly tanned body looked...... Ah, it was breathtaking!
A curious human pup was back to the kitchen.
These two plates had to be ours!
Each one had bit of carefully cut birdy meat, brussels sprout and mini-squashes.
"Stay........ Stay.........."
Later on mom whispered us she actually enjoyed dad was posing this way
coz it reminded her how dad asked mom a big question a year ago! :) :)
"Can we eat daddy?"
It was time for humans to enjoy Mr. Birdy.
Everything our dad prepared was SOOOO good.
Thank you for making our Christmas very special, dad!
Next morning, we found future chef of the household!!!
Our future is looking gooooooood!
Momo & Pinot/J & R