Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Bread Making

We all love bread!
Our brudder always wanted to make it by himself so
he found a super easy recipe, Cheesey Bread Animals!

Here's not so happy brudder when he was told to leave them for an hour.

Ready to transfer to the oven.

 20 minites of patience wasn't so bad.


These are mine!
A Teddy and a turtle.

"Bro, tell mom to stop taking pictures!"

Here's Momo & Pinot bread.

Stay warm, friends!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wet Snow

Our brudder was happy to walk on snow
this morning.

After he went to school, it was our turn to go outside!

"Let's go, sissy Momo!"


No... Princess doesn't have to walk on wet wet snow!

"Can we please go home? Sidewalk is WET!"

Noooooooooo, I am NOT going!! :*

"Grrrrrr so so wet!!"

So we walked about 10m.
That's all for this morning.  bol  :D

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween Night!

Many of you got it right!
Look at these treats, chips for human kids!

Why not doggie cookies?!?

Our simple Jack-O-Lanterns.

White ones are supposed to be cheeeeeese!

Swiss or Jarlsberg?!?

Our brudder dressed up for the Jack-O-lantern this year.

Unfortunately, just like last halloween, it rained again!
But it didn't stop our brudder.  He was out for about two hours.
Poor mom was soak in wet and exhausted after all. 

Ahhhhh, spoooooky!

We wonder which candy was the most popular one
and the winner is....

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween night!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, October 30, 2014

What are these boxes?!?

Do you have a clue?!?
Our brudder seems to be very excited.

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Long Weekend!

Hello there!
Hope our Canadian friends had a pawtactic Thanksgiving
long weekend!

We had a blast! It's over so quickly.

Before our big meal weekend,
we decided to walk around Evergeen Brick Works.

Viewing the downtown core on a beautiful day.

Walking down to the former brick quarry which
has been converted into a city park. 

The path has been recently paved.
This is a good news for us, doggies!

Can you see our brudder?  :D :D

We said hello to the Ducky family.

We did a bit of walky on Don Valley Ravine.

I, Momo noticed something...

Do you want to feed Coyotes?!?

No thanks~!

On Thanksgiving Sunday, daddy prepared 
Salmon & Veggies dinner!

We love stuffings! Daddy made two different types of stuffings this time.

Can you believe all food were disappeared by Tuesday afternoon?

Homemade cranberry sauce and vegetarian gravy
smell fabulous! 

Look at our dinner bowls!
Don't you think these are too tiny despite of the amount daddy prepared?!?

On Thanksgiving Monday,
our brudder and mom made Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie!

Ok....it's supposed to be 'old fashioned' but she had a short cut-
using a frozen pie shell and canned pumpkin puree!!  bol

We're the 3 best samplers!

3 hours later...

The moment of droooooooooooling...

Hey, a portion for human is much bigger!!

Momo & Pinot/J & R

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Here's Pinot... Call me.....

Hello friends, how are you doing? 

Here's me, Pinot, aka The Frisbee Dog!
The Super Dog?!? :D

Who is rolling over behind me?!?

Lately we found I have something special!

Yes, I have a star!  
Can you see it?

Call me The Super Star Pinot!


Here's me, Momo.

Even thought I don't fetch, I don't run much,
I don't have a unique marking,
I am still one happy dog!

Mom still calls me Princess Momo!

Momo & Pinot/J & R