Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Photo of the Day!"
Dad has bought a super cool camera which weights a ton! :D
This is one of the pictures he took while he was testing his new camera.
We'll post some of our favorite photos as "Photo of the Day" from now on.
We hope you like our first pick!
(Pinot) "Where am I?!?"
Momo & Pinot/J & R

Sunday, June 22, 2008

For those who never heard about Woofstock in Toronto.....
Woofstock was launched in 2003 and it's believed to be the largest outdoor event
for doggies in all North America.
Momo is very familiar with this event (Link to "Day 1 of 2007", "Day 2 of 2007")
but this is Pinot's debut to meet many other friends.
We meant to post these pictures earlier but you know how hoooomans keep
making excuses, right?? :D
This two-day event was held on June 7 & 8th.
We were still traveling from Montreal and Toronto in the afternoon of the 7th.
We only got to see the event on late afternoon on the 8th.
Still we saw many doggies and their servants.
This cute T-cup chihuahua definitely got every one's attention.

We didn't' get to see any Cavalier friends this year but said hello to many other friends.

"Very stylish hat!"

"Our fellow Cav friend, Shelby, Where are you?!?

Can we find Jaffe and Kaylie????"

Dad and mom took a short break. (Pinot) "I told mom and dad that I want to have a brand new harness coz
all I wear are Sissy's stuff!!!!"

We have lots of favorite thingies but one of them is this harness made

by Canadian Company, Buudy-Belt.

Me, Pinot tried some harnesses on and picked a silver one for myself!!!

"I have my own harness!" :)

We got a chance to take a photo taken with the fonder of this company, Roxanne.

"What a nice lady! We will go home with you!"

We missed all contests at Woofstock but we still had lots of fun!

We got home after more walky in harbour front area.

After shower, Pinot changed to his bathrobe that my mom brought back from Tokyo.

("Thanks, grandma!)

"Good Night!"


Momo & Pinot/J & R

UPDATE on Pinot's surgery:

Thank you so much for your kind comments.

My wound is definitely healing so dad took my lampshade off.

I feel good. I eat well and do 'normal' activities.

I'll have a check-up with my vet sometime soon. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pinot's surgery &
our super nice weekend with Toffee's family!!!
Mom told us that we had an appointment with the vet on Friday evening.
(Momo) "Is anyone going to squeeze my butt again?!?"
(Pinot) "Whaaaaaaat??"
After the technician finished a check-up and a blood test for both of us,
Pinot was asked to stay overnight. :(
(Pinot) "Why am I going to stay here???"
A few hours after dropping off Pinot, our pawrents called the vet.
They were told that Pinot was relaxing and
no need to worry about.
Next morning, anxious mom called the vet again to see how Pinot was doing.
Eveyone at her work learnt that I was going to be neutered. :D
Thank you everyone for your good wishes.
An early Friday afternoon, I was neutered (phew!!)
and I took the longest nap at the hospital.

A happy reunion with my pawrents around 9pm on Saturday!!!!! I, Pinot was a half awake when this picture was taken. I don't remember much about that day.

I was happy to be home.

"I am still very VERY sleepy......"

On Sunday afternoon, Momo, mom and dad were about to leave to meet up

with our special friend's pawrents. But I had to stay home. :(

"Don't I look much better today, mom and dad!?!"

Many of you know our friends Toffee and his brudder Riley (Top)

who live in Boston, right?? :)

Their auntie Dasha (bottom) lives very close to us. Isn't she sweet? :)

Toffee and Riley stayed with their grandpawrents near Boston

but we were thrilled to meet up with their pawrents at our nearest park during

their short visit to Toronto.

(Photo from Toffee and Riley's blog.)

"Hellooooooooooo Cinnaspy! Welcome to Toronto!"
Dasha had to stay home but we were exciting to get to meet this little cute guy!
Cinnaspy and I enjoyed a little chitchat and walky. "Are you............ Toffee??"
No no... he is not.

Toffee's mom and dad2b are very VERY good people. :)

We enjoyed talking and taking some pictures on this bootiful afternoon.

Toffee, Riley! You have the bestest pawrents in the world.
We are happy that they are getting married soon!!! How exciting is that?? :) :)
Look at my happy face with Toffee's mom and dad2b.
We had a very very good time with your pawrents!!
Next time, we'll see you..........maybe in Boston! :)

After we said good-by, I saw this huge dog.... oh a police horsey.

"Is he on duty??" Pinot is here. Let me introduce my new friend!

Toffee's mom kindly brought this lobster guy from New England! Mom showed me another toy that Toffee's mom picked up for us.

"Squeeeeky!! My favourite! Thank you!"

I felt much better while resting with my mom and dad on the balcony.

Mom and dad kept talking how enjoyed meeting up with Toffee's pawrents this afternoon.

(Pinot) "I really wanted to see them!"


I might look funny in this cone head but it has some good things.

First of all, it keeps some privacy while picking up my snack on the floor.Secondly, I have much better hearing.

"Dad, the alien is landing somewhere on the earth!"

Late evening, mom and dad decided to take us out for a short walky.

Then guess what happen???

We ran into Toffee's mom and dad2b!!!!

Correctly, they saw us and jumped out from the car! :)

I, Pinot was SO happy when someone called my name in the darkness.

Mom was so slow and she couldn't figure out who called my name.

(Pinot) "Mom, why don't you put my corn head on! hehehe"

Wow, I finally got to see them in pawson!!

OMD, What a great day!!

Once again, Toffee's mom and dad2b, Thank you very much for your time with us.

You made our day!!! We hope your safe flight back to Boston.

Momo & Pinot/J & R

pee ess: Happy Father's Day!! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bonjouwoof Montreal!!
We packed our meal, treats and toys quickly and headed to this
bootiful town Montreal a week after mom returned from Tokyo.
This is the reason why we haven't visit you for so long. So sorry and we miss you all.
It took about six hours to reach to the destination by drive. We were waiting to check in at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel.
This hotel is one of the dog friendly hotels in town.
There is a suite called John Lennon & Yoko Ono
suite where famous 'Bed-in for Peace' was taken place in 1968.

Then dad gave us a tour. He has lived in Montreal for about

ten years before he moved to Toronto so he was an excellent tour guide. :)

"Sophie Brador??? Where are you?? We walked through the Old Montreal. The old pavement is nice.

This is the all tourists' destination, Jack Cartier Square. This is the Parisian metro entrance. We took a break after the city tour.
Then mom and dad walked to Bell Centre which was
only 5 minutes away from our hotel................. to see
...... this man (AGAIN!)
"Who is HE?!?"

"Ah.... Barry Manilow!". Is he the reason why we're in Montreal?!?

Did they go to NYC and Detroit to see him??"

(BTW, mom has been a "Fanilow" for 216 years! ha ha ha ha ha!)"

Momo & Pinot's Mom is here... "I've been to Montreal but never visited there with their dad.

I've always wanted to explore this town that he used to love."

Dad showed mom the city around after the concert until early morning. This was mom's first time to visit to Mount-Royal in the night.

The view of downtown Montreal from the Kondiaronk Belvedere was gorgeous! Then they stopped at St.Viateur bagel shop to get some REAL Montreal bagels

around 3 in the morning!

Can you believe you can buy REAL bagels 24 hours a day??

This was our mid-night snack. It was so chewy and yummy! :) Next morning........

"Are you going to show us this town again, dad??" Our first stop was Parc Lafontaine.

There are many parks in downtown Montreal and each one is big and bootiful.
While our walky, there weren't many people around. Then we walked many major streets that dad used to enjoy. "Can I try these ice cream??? Mom's ice cream (left) is huge!"

Dad shared his ice cream with us. Mean mom finished hers all by herself!!!

All apartment buildings and parks we saw are very pretty!!!

We decided to try this famous Montreal Smoked Meat at Schwartz's on
Saint-Laurent Boulevard. The restaurant was packed!
We all had the big sandwiches with spicy smoked meat.
"Why no pictures?? Guess why!" :D

Before our departure, we drove through the Old City again. This was the day before the big race, Formula One Ground Prix.

All restaurants and stores had F1 flags and related items. After driving back to Toronto, mom and dad went to see

Barry again at Air Canada Centre!!!!

Mom and dad said he was only 2 meters away from their seats.

They were happy to welcome him in our hometown! :) Our vet will perform the neuter surgery for Pinot on Thursday evening

or Friday morning.

(Pinot) "Wish me luck! I am a big boy, I can handle this."

Momo & Pinot/J & R