Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Pride Week" was taken place in Toronto.
Hello doggies and Girl Girl! :)
Hope everyone had a good weekend!
The highlight of this one-week big event was called The Pride Parade.
Momo wasn't sure what was about
but obviously everyone was cheerful & happy! This is a good sign! Can you hear this music from outside??
This video was shot just before the party began!
My mom and dad stood up on the chairs and watched the parade.
They joined the pawty without ME!!
It was a very warm Sunday and the parade took two hours
so my dad asked me to stay and watch the parade from my window.
Oh, I've seen that guy with grey hair on TV. That must be Toronto Mayor, David Miller.
My dad said the parade was well-organized and it was fun to watch.
The amazing thing is that how fast city was able to clean the streets!
Look at this photo!
This was taken 18 minutes after the parade moved out from our neighbourhood.
No garbage, no crowds!!
My mom and dad came back and took me out for a walk.
We stopped by other part of town. Can you hear the jazz band? :)
The newly wed couple was taking wedding photos. Nice & peaceful, huh??
I am looking forward to Canada Day weekend!
(I know my mom is going to have four-day off!)
Momo / J & R

Thursday, June 21, 2007

When my hoooomans take me out for a walk, I am happy and very excited.
This is me... usual me. This video was taken a while ago but you can see how I walk.
My mom and dad says I pull them soooo much! :(

You know my friends, I feel like I am on the very important mission while we're out.

I have to lead my mom and dad. I have to take them to the park!! I am the leader! :) Mom.. what am I wearing?? Remember my friend Pumba??

Pumba's mom, W made a special harness so called

"the restraining harness" for me! If we wear this harness, somehow we stop pulling.

It doesn't hurt us at all. It's just a magic! I just don't feel like being the leader anymore.

W is genius!! She can make everything!! :)

Look how I walk with my mom and dad?? I am not pulling them at all.

Momo/J & R

******Hi Boo! These are closed up pictures... ******

I am not sure if you can see how it works...

Let me attach this link for your review! (My hoooooms don't work at PetSmart!)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hello doggies!! Have you ever wonder.....
why we doggies are not allowed in the supermarket?? When my mom or dad needs to pick up something I have to wait outside of the store! Isn't that mean or what?!? I know there are plenty of yummy things but I am not allowed to pick something up!!!
Seriously we have to change the rule!!
The doggies Rule the World!!!
Momo/J & R

Monday, June 11, 2007

Woofstock Day 2. :)
We are here again. Let's walk around and see what's happening.
Is that my real tongue?? Wow.. it's really long! This is one of the participants of "the Ms. & Mr. Canine Pageant". Can you see this tiny "punk dog"? or is this called "80's Rock dog", mom? This doggy caught my attention during "Costume Contest". She is PINK!! Very pink!! No need to wear anything else! :)
"Carry your doggie like a purse!!"
Hello Puggy!
(Are you boiling there?!? Be honest with me. I won't tell your mommy.)
I met fellow Cavalier. Her name is Jasmine.
What her mom said "Momo?? I know you!" came as a big (& good) surprise!
Apparently her mom has come by my blog.
(Jasmine's mom, I didn't get your name but
thank you!!!)
A fun day at Woofstock is over.
Let's take a break at Harbour Front.
Momo/J & R

Saturday, June 09, 2007

It's a Woofstock weekend in Toronto!!
We had such a fun time last year so here we are!
We were very much looking forward to coming here again.
What a booootiful day! I am so exited! Ok... daddy, let's go!
Check this out, my friends!! My dad thought these French fries are made for hooooomans.
Nope!!! It's for us, the doggies!
Meantime my mom wanted to get these Cannollis for herlself!
Everything looks so yummy!
Hello lady, don't you need to walk?!? You receive a star treatment. :)
Hello handsome!
Hello hello! Have we met before?
Let me take a break in the shade.
Wow, you're so picture pawfect!
Unlike myself these doggies must be good swimmers.
Mom dad!! I think I saw someone I've known!
Shelby!! Shelby!!
(My friends, this is NOT me. :)
It's sooooooo nice to meet you again!
We used to bump into each other alot until ....mmmm... quite sometime ago.
Back in 2005 while my mom and dad were considering getting a cavalier,
they saw Shelby and her mom on the street and asked some questions.
A month later, I was welcomed by my mom and dad. :)
ohhh these bones are huge!
This smiling cavalier is adorable. :)
This doggie got some heart shaped patterns. Nice.
These people were participating "Puppy Love Speed Dating"!!
What?? "Speed Dating"?!?!?
I thought Woofstock is a festival for doggies!! ;P
Hello there!! We met you guys last year!
How have you been?
You look like an actor!!
I can't count how many doggies I met today. I am having a fun time!
Hope to see everyone again tomorrow!
Momo/J & R
ps. Shelby, thank you so much for letting us know
that you've stopped by my blog.
You made our day!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This morning my dad couldn't sleep and woke up around 5:30am...
wow!! 5:30 in the morning!!!
Believe me, my friends!! He is NOT a morning pawson.
So he grabbed my mom's camera and took these shots. :)
All happened within two minutes!
Where was I?!? :)
I was still dreaming about chasing some squirrels at my favorite park
and eating a smoked bone after that. :)
Momo/J & R
ps. Oh, yes, my mom was dreaming about how to skip her work. ;P

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mom and dad, I was a good girl.
I stayed at home and made sure every
thing was ok while you two were out without ME! So did you get me something?? :)
(momo) Mmm.. they don't look like cookies.
Bling Bling Blinkers?!?
(Mom & dad) Yes, Momo. After it gets dark no one can see you
so we bought these tinnytiny flashlights
for your safety! :)
(momo) Look! This is good for hoooooooomas!
ok... Let's try this light out!
This light is very blight but doesn't blind me at all if
it's attached to my harness.
NICE!! :)
Momo/J & R