Monday, June 11, 2007

Woofstock Day 2. :)
We are here again. Let's walk around and see what's happening.
Is that my real tongue?? Wow.. it's really long! This is one of the participants of "the Ms. & Mr. Canine Pageant". Can you see this tiny "punk dog"? or is this called "80's Rock dog", mom? This doggy caught my attention during "Costume Contest". She is PINK!! Very pink!! No need to wear anything else! :)
"Carry your doggie like a purse!!"
Hello Puggy!
(Are you boiling there?!? Be honest with me. I won't tell your mommy.)
I met fellow Cavalier. Her name is Jasmine.
What her mom said "Momo?? I know you!" came as a big (& good) surprise!
Apparently her mom has come by my blog.
(Jasmine's mom, I didn't get your name but
thank you!!!)
A fun day at Woofstock is over.
Let's take a break at Harbour Front.
Momo/J & R


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh. Woofstock sure looks fun. :)

~ girl girl

Urban Smoothie Read said...

it was such an interesting event...wit all those crowd n gv me such a festive feeling

Boo Casanova said...

wow momo, you are famous! they recognise you on the street now. next stop - tv!

wet wet licks


Juno said...

girl girl, pacco and boo!! I cannot wait next woofstock!! I wish you can join me. :)

Momo xoxo

Simba and Jazzi said...

That looks like fun.

Simba xx

Ben & Darling said...

Momo, you getting famous. DWB did a good job hah.

Sparky said...

Momo, woofstock sounds like a blast! Did you see any puggles?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Momo.
I am sure you enjoyed Woofstock!
Pink dogs? How is that??
Have a nice day

Goofy said...

Hey Momo, seems like you have a nice day there, huh?
Momo, can you please sign me your address and birthday to my guestbook in my blog?

Asta said...

Momo, that looks like a lot of fun, but I hope you got a nice cool dwink, it looks hot, whew
talk soon
loveand smoochie kisses

ToFFee said...

Woofstock.. now why didn't the hoomans here thought of that!

Why didn't you enter, Momo? I'm sure you'll beat them!


Juno said...

Simba, simba!! King has landed to Momo land! :)

Ben_Ben, hahaha... not sure if I am getting famous but it is very nice to know that there are more visiters to my blog than I expected. :)

Sparky, if you were here you would be the cutest Puggle!!

Loernza, we saw many dachshund and they reminded us of you. :)

Goofy!! My face is just under your pictures on your guestbook! :)

Hi Asta!! It was not a sticky day but it was very very warm. My mom brought plenty of dwink and there were some 'water guys' at the woofstock. You are so sweet and caring doggie... :)

Toffee, hi and nice to meet you! I'll woofgle how to get to Dubai! Thank you so much for signing my guestbook. :)

Hello Lily, nice to meet you!! Thank you so much for signing my guestbook. I'll definitely visit your group on facebook!