Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween and barkday bash!! :)
The barkday bash to celebrate six doggies was so successful.
It was great to check out each other's costume, to
get caught up, had goddies, exchange some scary stories and on and on and on...
I don't think anyone noticed but I stepped out the pawty
and took a peek on Sassy's Halloween pawty.
Sassy is a cute kitty like my friend Momo so
I met many new kitty friends and it was fantastic!
I'll tell you... Having many kitties at Halloween pawty is
very Halloween-ish!
I was exhausted after going back and force between two pawies. :P
Stanley asked me if I put a spell on my pawrents to feel me more food and
take me to anywhere I like.
"Bingo, Stanley Boy! I actually DID and guess what?
It worked!!!"
After I came back from these pawties they took me to my favorite
Discovery Walk I mentioned last weekend again! :)
While Asta tagged me to dress up and show up at Blue's
Halloween pawty. I haven't met her YET in pawson BUT I picked up
my Halloween theme bandana.
Blue has posted possible pawty places which are all Grave yards and
they all look pretty scary and creepy!
"Mom???? I like this bandana but....."
"This is WRONG!!" "Ok... this seem ok! I will see you everyone at Blue's pawty!!" Momo/J & R pee ess: I think everyone is aware of Janie's condition by now. Please don't forget to cross your paws fow our little friend, Janie, Bussie's sissy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Pawty time again! :)
This time I am going to the costume pawty celebrating
six doggies' barkdays, Koobuss, Amber-Mae, Lola,
Lorenza, Precious and Dewey!!
Oh Don't forget everyone! 27th is Izzie's barkday!
Happy Barkday, Izzie!!! :)
"What costume should I pick for this big celebration?" "Last year I was a witch!" .... which I forgot about until today. This year I am kinda witch again. "Call me Momo - The pink Witch!" I am looking forward to catching up with everyone at the pawty. All I have to do now is that getting on board of Aire Ruby! :) Those who don't go to the pawty have a good weekend! Momo/J & R

Monday, October 22, 2007

My bootiful Sunday!
It was again 25C (77F) and sunny on Sunday.
This picture is small but if you enlarge it
you can see part of Lake Ontario.
"Mom, Dad! I think we should do a long walky on Discovery Walk!"
Can you see autum leaves from my window? We should go and
check this out!"
One of Discovery Walks in Rosedale Ravine is not far from our place as
you can see.
While our walky in our neighbourhood
I found this giant pumpkin. We reached to this quiet park and surprise!! (once again, please enlarge this tiny pic.) (Momo) "Can you see two Great Danes behind us?" (Mom) "Momo, these are NOT Great Dans. Mom hoursy and her baby horsey" We stepped into the Discovery Walk. "We'll have fun!"
I was so excited to sniff leaves, chase squirrels and birdy,
greet other hikers....
There is a sign but it's not very clear.
So we just listed by ear and kept walking.
Strange enough the trail is cut off by
busy Mt. Pleasant Road.
Back to the trail...
Air is nice and fresh.
"Mom, it's almost the end of this route."
We took a break at David A Balfour park.
This cute doggie came to say Hi to me. :)
"Sorry pal! I am friendly doggie but I am just thinking about our short trip
on the trail."
"What a nice Sunday!"
We spent about three hours at the trail and parks.
Back to our street...
"Let's go home it's almost nice! Desperate Housewives
is start soon!"
Momo/J & R
Pee ess: Did anyone visit Pearly's blog recently?
I haven't been able to visit her blog for some reasons.
If you have a chance to talk to her please say HI for me!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Double Awards!! :)
How can I expect this? I am so flattered!
My new kitty friend Momo dedicated this award to me yesterday.
I was thinking to delicate this to Lorenza...
Today I noticed that she has given me this award.
Woah, Live is good and thank you Momo and Lorenza! Halloween is just around the corner.
The weather has been so unusual. We thought summer is over but
we're still having 20 degrees Celsius day (68F) which is very nice.
I wonder it must be so confusing for trees, plants, migrating birdies.....
Anyway...this photo was taken at the walking trail two weekend ago
and I really like it.
Back to the award, i would love to delicate this award to Asta, Harry, Stanley,
Have a great weekend! Momo/J & R

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Barkday, mom! :)
Yesterday was my mom's barkday.
"Are these roses for me??" :)
No, no.. these are one of the pressies my dad selected for my mom.
These roses absolutely made my mom happy. When she received them at her work,
they definitely brightened her day and she didn't care the project she was working on
anymore. These are the pressies I selected for my mom! :) A barkday card, a pearl white leash and 'good bites' -low fat & chicken flavour treats! I figured the leash didn't fit my mom so I decided to keep it for myself. ******************** While my dad took my mom out for her barkday dinner last night, I took a tour in Berlin which was guided by my new friend Charlie. Apparently Berlin is not the only bootiful destination but also a very pet friendly city. Tour part2 is coming soon so please come visit Charlie's blog. A while Balboa tagged me for 'what kind of vehicle are you' game. Sorry for the delay, Balboa, you probably don't remember what you have tagged me.
**************** So back to the game, my answer is "MINI!" It's small and cute but all sporty and powerful!!

More tag games will be posted shortly. Momo/J & R

Monday, October 15, 2007

I have a short announcement today, October 15th.
It's been a year since I asked my mom to type up my words
along with some pictures to the cyber world
after my dad encouraged us to do so. :)
Whoa, I can't believe it's been a year!!!
This photo below was taken a year ago. Me at our usual park on October 15, 2006.
After our first post, we met some doggies and one of them
Buster asked me to join DWB. OMD, Thank you so much, Buster.
.... rest is history as you know.
I've met so many great friends though DWB and I am so greatful...
Some of you might have noticed my new friend, Momo-cat
(we have the same name, how cool is that!) and her close friend, Charlie.
Momo-cat counted how many friends I have met so far...
and her count is 81. :)
ok.. back to my diary... Hope every doggie, hammi, kitty, oh yes, hoooman had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good. We went to see Toronto Marathon at the first time. My dad and I are good athletics as you know. :) My dad always wanted to go and see it since he moved to Toronto a few years ago so we finally made it. On Sunday morning we got up earliER than usual (sorry to miss the chat wtih Buster!) and we decided to stop just before the finishing line. These are running hoomans! Me, a doggie, one of the audiences.
We met more doggie audiences.....
The first runner was approaching to the finishing line.
Wow, he was about to finish 42k!
Eveyone was in a good mood and it was fun to be there.
My dad was definitely inspired. He ran a bit on his treadmill today which was
his first time in 10 months.
My mom? Forget it! She's not a runner at all!
Momo/J & R

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Momo on postage stapms! :)
While I was relaxing in the afternoon,
an enveloped from Canada Post arrived.
And.. this is what I received.
It's me..... on actual stamps! (These are not children stickers! hehehe..) My dad ordered personalized postage stamps using one of the photos we took at Niagara Falls. Do you think i should frame this or.... I should show it off on a mail?? :) This is what my pawrents can't stop laughing. Do I look so funny??? Do I?!?!? Momo/J & R

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend!
I wonder if there is really a difference between
our thanksgiving and American's so I googled a bit.
In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October.
Unlike the American tradition of remembering Pilgrims and settling in the New World,
Canadians give thanks for a successful harvest.
The harvest season falls earlier in Canada compared to the United States
due to the simple fact that Canada is further north.
"Ha, I learnt something new. We celebrate thanksgiving
much earlier than US doggies coz of this simple fact!"
After our evening walky on Sunday I decided to take a boooty nap!
"I have to look fabulous at the pawty! I know my mom will
take lots of pictures!"
"Let hooomans work for the fiesta! Here's our chef and mom will be a
photographer and .. I would say a clean up girl!" "Whoa, this turkey looks HUGE!" ZZZZZZZZ..... My mom LOVES stuffing. :) This year we made it with lots of lots of herbs and wild rice. We were thinking to prepare 4 packs of stuffing to make my mom happy but 2 packs were actually enough...even for my mom, Stuffing Lover! Turkey is ready!
"See you birdy in a few hours!"
"I better check and see how our chef is doing!"
"Cranberry sauce with lemon zest sounds good!
This pretty colour increases our appetite!!"
sniff.. sniff.... sniff......
"Ohhhhh my favorite cauliflower & broccoli with
cheese sauce. (Cheddar and Parmesan.) YUM"
I don't post picutres but we prepared more veggie dishes.
"MY stuffing!!! Yay!" :)
"Looks like our turkey is ready!" Tada!
"The skin looks nice & crispy and smells absolutely pawsome!"
"Are you gonna give me a sample? dad?"
"Dinner time!!!
Let me try more turkey? I'll be here forever!"
Yes, my pawrents made me try yummy turkey dinner.
And hey, I had my own stuffing!
Everything my pawrents made was so yummy...
Guess what?
We didn't have room for dessert.
Momo/J & R