Saturday, October 13, 2007

Momo on postage stapms! :)
While I was relaxing in the afternoon,
an enveloped from Canada Post arrived.
And.. this is what I received.
It's me..... on actual stamps! (These are not children stickers! hehehe..) My dad ordered personalized postage stamps using one of the photos we took at Niagara Falls. Do you think i should frame this or.... I should show it off on a mail?? :) This is what my pawrents can't stop laughing. Do I look so funny??? Do I?!?!? Momo/J & R


Anonymous said...

Momo those stamps are awesome!!

Maybe you can send some and frame the rest - that way your parents can keep a special momento of you and you can share your beautiful face with some lucky people!!

I don't think you look funny at all in those photos - just like you really, really need a treat cos you haven't eaten in the last 20 minutes - I hope your humans gave you one cos you look like you're STARVING!!


Shelby said...

You can get personalized stamps? Wow - I have to get my mom to get some too! I think you look hilarious in those photos - I laughed so hard, I nearly peed on the floor!

the Corgi Girls said...

Woah, way cool stamps, you're famous girl, you have your own series of stamps!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Momo, I love the idea of the 'caninalized' stamps. Perhaps SS can do the same for me at Christmas for her Christmas cards! A set of 'felinalised' stamps. How cool!

You look sooooo cute in those photos, but then again you are a cutie anyway.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Momo
That is awesome! Your picture on those stamps! I didn't know you could do that! Yes, keep some, use some!
Your last 2 pictures made me laugh!
You look funny!
Have a good night

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Momo, yes, it's me again. Do you know that you are featured on the front page of animal-internet? I am so excited that I can spot a familiar face on the front page of an animal website! I am easily excitable, so I hope you would get used to it.


Faya said...

Those stamps are just great ! I hope one day I will receive a letter with a stamp with Momo on it...
...what is so funny with those pictures ?....What where you eating ?
Have a nice week-end Momo,
Kisses, Faya

Yuki n Joyce said...

coool! personalized stamps!!! wow!i say you frame one and show off the rest:D


Urban Smoothie Read said...

oh...tat's super cool...

can u actually use it??

Molly the Airedale said...

Are you smoking, Momo? I sure hope not!
Love the stamps! How special is this to have your very own stamps with your face and your adventure on them! Way cool!

Love ya lots,

Katherine and Pippa said...

Those stamps are excellent.

I read about it somewhere recently. I've remembered, I think you can do it in Spain.

But I'ev never seen anyone do it because you need to buy lots and there is quite a high premium over the face value of the stamp (to pay for the personalisation obviously).

Well done.

You will be inundated with please for cards/letters from your DWB pals tho!


Byron y Xinver said...

Hi Momo. Very funny you can get personalized postage stamps ( I think it's not possible in our country ). You look great.

jaffeboy said...

What is that in your mouth, Momo?

Personalised stamps?! Dat is sooooo cute!!!!! I'm gonna request for my own too!

Asta said...

I love the stmps..only use them fow vewy special maill!!!
awe you smoking a cigaw???ow is it a whistle??have you taken up a moosical instwument?
Whatevew it's awfully cute pictoowe of you
smoochie kisses

Asta said...

Sweetie Momo
Evewytime I see youw bootiful face I want to snuggle and kiss you..don't wowwy about the costume..I only had a viwtual one as you can see..
I hope you and youw pawents had a lovely weekend! did youw clevew pawents cook any yummies this week??
They always make such wondewful looking food
smoochie kisses

Amber-Mae said...

WOW! Personalized stamps? That's sooo cool! My mommy should order some personalized stamps of gorgeous me, hehehe! I think you should frame it up. You look like you were smoking a cigar in those pictures.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hee Momo, looks like your having a cigar in that bottom pics. You look pawsome on the stamps. :) You should frame some of them

~ Girl girl

Lacy said...

woofies Momo!!! wowies u iz famous gots ur picktur on stampies now...heehee and da last too pickturs r cuties just likies u r...

b safe,

Clover said...


Those stamps are soooo cool! I am going to ask my mom and dad to get me some too!! Finally, something we can get easily in Canada!

Love the pictures of you with something in your mouth - you don't look funny, silly humans. :)

Love Clover xo

powder-puff said...

hey MOMO!!!!

Your on stamps!!!!???!!!

That is sssssooooo pawsome, i might try to get myself on some stamps too!!!!

peace out

Unknown said...

momo darling..
you are a beautifull lady..
all your photos are grate..
a big hug

Oscar said...

Wow! You're going to be famous with your picture being sent all over the world!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Hi Momo, it's MoMo here. Yes, I love our confusing greetings as well. Charlie has no problems with it though. We should exchange stamps when SS manages to order some for me.

Ferndoggle said...

Looks like you're smoking a cigar!

Those stamps are super cool! You're famous.


Islay said...

Happy Anniversary Momo!! I've been looking at your lovely blog (what great parents you have!) and you have certainly had an exciting year! Sending you everything yummy and soft from Sydney -


Ben & Darling said...

wow momo, those are pawsome stamps..I think you should post it to me!!! hahahah

Stanley said...

Momo Girl!

You are so cute in those last 2 photos! Are you smoking?

I'd pay extra just to get Momo postage stamps! Very cool idea.

Goober love,

la said...

Wow Momo, I'm very impressed - you look so professional on pictures! Like a very professional model. Make sure you get paid well enough, good models are expensiv! ;o)))