Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Barkday dad!!

Lately our mom was running around a lot and
exchanged many emails with 'someone'
secretly to prepare this table....
for our dad!
Wednesday was our dad's barkday.
It doesn't look like she did a huge job but
mmmmmmmmm.. what can we say???
Mom wanted to throw the pawty earlier the night but you know her....
Poor brudder James...
he was waiting for a long time and he was pooped when everything was FINALLY ready.
The barkday boy, our dad unexpectedly announced
that he wanted to make pizza!!
Mom planned something else (to order something, mom???)
and she didn't know what to do BUT what an offer!!
We ALL love his meals! :) :) :) :)
Dad was about to cook pizza in Big Green Egg.
(L) Tomato, Anchovy, Shallot & Olive oil on whole grain dough
(R) Tomato, Mini Portobello, Gorgonzola, Baby Parmesan,
Bocconcini (Yum!) & one more cheese (geeeee, we forgot its name) on
whole grain dough.
Dad put fresh Basil on top.
"Ahhhhhhh it smells SO good!
You are HIRED!"
Two male humans in the house.
We wonder what was in the big box!!
(James) "The present must be belongs to me! I am the King (of the house)!"
(Momo) "The big and flat box means a delivered pizza!
BUT it doesn't smell anything like that!"
(Pinot) "Let me sniff it first!"
Dad's guessing had begun.
I Pinot was still sniffing and had no clue!
Ok... dad could easily tell it was shipped.
("Mom, did you wrap it right after you picked up the delivery?")
Mom told him a hint that it had arrived from NYC.
Dad is usually very good at telling what's inside but this night
he gave up and opened it!
"What what what??? Is this painting??"
I think I know the artist. Is this Asta's moms' work?????"
Our brudder was having dad's pizza and watching what was going on.
What a beautiful painting!!
We LOVE it!!
We were barkless for the longest time. It's not just the way it's painted
but we're amazed how our pawsonalities were captured on the canvas.
Mom had another present to dad which was personalized Stamps.
A while ago, dad ordered personalized stamps of Me.. just ME! (Link)
This Easter family photo was one of many photos that mom
sent to Asta's mom to request the image.
So she ordered stapms as a memory of this project. :) :)
Asta's mommi, we can't THANK YOU enough for your beautiful work.
Sissy Asta,
We know our mom made your mommi very very busy.
We're sending you a lot of a lot of kisses and hugs
to you and your mommi and daddi.
Momo & Pinot/J &R


Jans Funny Farm said...

Happy Barkday to your dad. What great presents!

Marvin (oh and Jeannie!) said...

Happy Happy Barkday to your Papa! From us, all the way from Bonnie Scotland!

My J's barkday was on 29th April, she says it is a good time, around now to be celebrating, all people who are born in these spring months are the best!

Sorry we have not been around much, our computer blew up and 'sploded so we have only just got back on line.

lotsaluv and barkday kisses to you all.

Plus the painting, well it is wonderful!!!!!! Totally brilliant.

Your friends, Marvin - oh and Jeannie xxxxxxxx

Lady Malu ist angekommen.......... said...

Hello Momo and hello Pinot, first of all: Happy Barkday (funny this word) to your dad. I´m full of joy with you both about this extraordinary gift - wonderful - great. And this post toooooo!!!!It`s for his whole life so he can look to the wall and always remember this moment....
All the best for you and your family and have a sunny sunday!
Wuff and LG

sara said...

OMD! Happy Barkday to Daddy@! That is the cutest present ever! How exciting that you guys were *naturally!* included on the family portrait :) Some doggies don't get that privilege ;) Your pizza is making me hungry! lol :) Glad you guys had a great time! :)

Eric said...

Happy barkday to your Dad! Wow! What a present! Asta's Mom's painting is really wagging??!! She's super dooper clever. You and your leggeds and baby bro' look as fab in the painting as you do on your bloggie. And the stamps are a perfect idea.

Did you get cake after your pizza?

Wiry love Eric xx

Shelby said...

Happy barkday to your dad! And what fabulous presents - Asta's mom is super talented! And the personalized stamps are great - makes you actually want to send something the old fashioned way!

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy birthday to your dad! The family portrait that Asta's mommi painted is AWESOME!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!
The painting is awesome!
Asta's mom is very talented!
Kisses and hugs

Thor and Jack said...

Happy Barkday to your dad! What pawsome pressies! The family portrait is wonderful!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your human! My goodness, I think he could open his own pizza restaurant!! Those look soooooo delicious!

And wow - what a present! Absolutely stunning!

Honey the Great Dane

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Happy Barkday to your dad, the super cook. SS has only just returned and we have not had time to visit.

Cavaliers Corner said...
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Asta said...

Dawling Momo and Pinot
I'm so glad youw Dad had a pawsome Biwfday Youw mom is the bestest..she weally wanted to do a big suwpwise fow him and it looks like she succeeded. We hope he liked his pwezzie..mommi was so anxious that he and youw whole family be happy.

We send ouw love and congwatulations(that pizza looks amazingly yummie)
smoochie kisses

Cinnamon and Mint said...

What a wonderful present! Awesome!!! Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Pawsome! Pawsome!
Happy Barkday to Momo, Pinot and baby James's Dad!
Asta's Mom is a true artist, we always admire her talent but this family artwork really sweeps us off our paws!
Here I come to sniff you after your grooming a few weeks ago, you two look super nice!
And baby James, he's growing handsomely, you just turn your head and he's stealing another inch, wow we love him dearly!
And congrats on being the favorite site on Dogster, you all deserve it!
I wish I were a super fast blogger like you are super fast sprinter.
I'm so sorry for being so behind, lets kick our mom for being so lazy!
Happy belated Mother's Day to the beautiful Mom of the three youngsters, love y'all.

Cavaliers Corner said...

Hi Momo & Pinot, sorry about yesterday. We did post a comment and then our Mummy deleted it because she is a perfectionist and she made a spelling mistake and wanted to correct it, but then her computer died. She got it fixed this morning, it needed a new charger connection. So we're back now. We wanted to tell you how much we love that painting of you all. What a special momento to keep. Also, Momo you are such a good dog not jumping up and stealing that yummy pizza. Marley would have eaten it all if we turned our back on him.

Have a great day!

Marley & Jasper.

Rouky said...

Happy birthday Momo and Pinot's dad! The painting is wonderful! It's so touching to see the whole family together. Beautiful! And James is cuter than ever!