Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy belated New Year!!!
We had tons of pressies during the holidays.
Well... the biggest Holiday season was over but
one more pressie had arrived to our house!!
Mr. Postman dropped this package off just after the New Years Day.
It flew in from Singapaw!!!!
The senders were our good friends Rudolf and Goofy!!
First we were impressed by their card! Then look at the candy canes saying 'not for canine consumption'. This made our mom a big smile! What a nice thought!!
Mom helped us to open the package.
I, Pinot couldn't wait any longer and tried to jump'n'grab everything on the counter.
I, Momo was patient. I knew i wanted to try this Christmansy bow-tie right away!
Ha! I successfully picked up this cute Teddy Boy!
"Mom... this pic is very blurry!!"
"It's MINE!!! It's MINE!!! I licked it already!!!!!"
This was a very generous pressies.
We can't say thank you enough, Rudolf and Goofy and their humans!!!!
Pinot's new Teddy went back to the tree as well as the cute stuffy ornament. :)
We wish Rudolf, Goofy and everyone a happy and healthy new year!!!!
Momo & Pinot/J & R


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Momo and Pinot! Wow, just look at all your presents. What great friends you have in Sinapaw :) Enjoy your tasty treats.

Josh and Jess

Eduardo said...

Happy New Year to y'all! Those are some great presents!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Happy new year Momo and Pinot, what a lovely present you got! I like your rule of if you lick it it's yours. I should teach that one to my mum.
~lickies, Ludo

The Musketeers said...

wow look at all the pressie you go ! Happy New Year !!!

Niamh said...

Happy New Year! What a great package and I can see why you were so excited about all those treats and toys. Enjoy.

Your friend,

Lacy said...

w00f's Momo n Pinot, watt pawsome pressies they sended u...happy new year to all of u...

b safe,

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Nice pressies!
Glad to see you two again, that was a long holidays right?
Did I tell you the good news, a while back in October in Taiwan, there was an abandonned little Pug who were being rescued by a good heart hooman, please visit Dino's blog to witness a true loving story

Kelli said...

Happy New Year Momo and Pinot!
You got many wonderful pressies from your friends! And what a cute card too!

Mason Dixie said...

Happy Late New Year to you too Great gifts Wonder if mom ever checks her mail for cool stuff like that...?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Momo and Pinot!
Happy New Year to you all!
You got very nice presents!
Enjoy them!
Kisses and hugs

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Happy New Year to you all!!! What a lot of lovely pressies!

Faya said...

Bonne Année Momo and Pinot !
Rudolf and Goofy are great friends...
Kisses, Faya

Asta said...

Momo and Pinot
Those awe bootiful pwesents! and I love them on youw twee.
I agwee wif you Pinot, once you lick it it's youws
Happy HappyHealthy NewYeaw to all of you.
smoochie kisses

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Happy new year Momo and Pinot! That's alot of great presents you've got! Say hi to little James for us!

Cocoa and Barley

Stanley said...

Happy Happy New Year, sweet Momo & Pinot! Goofy & Rudolph sent some mighty fine presents your way. And, we understand the impatience of the young, don't we Momo? Having a little sibling you kind of get used to them pushing their way in to get to the goodies.

Goober love & smooches,

Noah the Airedale said...

Hey Pals
Happy New Year to you all. We hope 2009 is a good year for you all.
You got some great pressies there.


Molly the Airedale said...

You look so handsome in your bowtie, Momo! What nice pressies Rudolf and Goofy sent!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Hap Hap New Year! You got tons of goodies there.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

What great pressies Rudolf & Goofy sent!

We hope 2009 is the bestest ever for you and your family!!

Simba and Jazzi said...

What great presents. Happy new year.

Simba x

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Visit me at !!!

slurpy licks,

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Your snow is real, Momo sissy, mine is only pretend and wishful thinking :)

NESSA the hovawart said...

Happy New Year to al of you! Wow, great presents! I'm a little bit jealous :-)Just kidding.

Life With Dogs said...

That is a good looking stash you have there. Happy new year!

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Happy Paw Year, Momo and Pinot,

Mum has finally stawted updating my blog!

Hope you come by and visit soon.

It looks like you had a good Chrissie!

xxx Asta (Oz)

Margaret Cloud said...

Purrs and headbutts for the New Year, the presents look nice, wow all the way from Singapaw, very nice of them. Thank you for coming by.

Amber said...

Hi Momo and Pinot!! Hope you all had a wonderful holidays with your mom and dad! Lovely pressie from your friens!

Amber licks!!

Pedro said...

Momo & Pinot,

New Years presents! How fun. Your friends are good lookin dawgs!!


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Momo & Pinot,

If you want to warm up, come by for a swim.

And bwing some of those coool prezzies!

xxx Asta (oz)

Bae Bae said...

Yeah for pawsome gifts. ;)

~ Bae

Anne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Snowball said...

Hi Momo & Pinot,

I have changed my blog address to Please visit me there.


NESSA the hovawart said...

Hi, Momo and Pinot,
please stop by my blog to see something;-)
Lots of love,