Monday, September 12, 2011

Momo's Barkday Nite!

What is your favourite dinner?
Our pick is daddy's BBQ!

On my barkday late evening,
 he made a special pizza for two adults due to frequent request from mom.

Tonight's Menu:

Sweet red pepper, sweet Onion, anchovies, Gorgonzola & Bocconcini Cheese,
 with dad's original tomato sauce made of lots of herbs
and Cabinet Sauvignon on whole grain pizza dough.

"Brudder, we'll tell you all about his gorgeous pizza tomorrow."

While pizza was cooling down, he put our chicken on a cast iron grid 
in the big green egg.

Sizzling sound makes you hungry!

Assistant mom placed smoked salmon then put some baby spinach on top.

Shortly after, yum yum BBQ chicken was ready!

It's very hot!

Dad already gave us huge dinner so this was our after dinner snack.
We were stuffed but hey! there is always room for snack, right?  :D  :D

"C'mon, daddy!!!!"

"Happy Barkday Momo!"

Next night, we found left over BBQ Chicken on our dinner plate.
Mom and dad always serve us meat even if they don't eat them,
but this BBQ chicken was a drooooooling pawfect quality!

Another celebration is on the way!!!

Momo & Pinot/J & R


~ Kirra ~ said...

Birthday Greetings Momo, and with such delightful snacks, both my dad and me, are drooling as we gaze lovingly at the photo's.

If only we could taste.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Momo! Everything your dad cooks makes us drool!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

Momo and Pinot
What glowious tweats I am sewiously considewing getting adoptewated by youw daddi, the most wondewfullest chef i know
sluwp, yummmmmm
Happy biwfday again!!!!!!!!
smoochie kisses

Thor said...

Happy Barkday Momo! Those BBQ chicken looked so yummy! That pizza too!

Thor and Jack xx

Rubie said...

Happy Barkday Momo - that chickens looked sooo yummers! And to have it special grilled too!

Did you get a taste of that pizza?

See ya, Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

Amber and Nala said... that is special! I can't believe all the yummy food! Happy Barkday Momo!


Tooki said...

Happy birthday Momo! YOu're both so blessed to have a daddy (and assistant mom, don't forget who takes the photos) who's such a great pizza cook!

Magic said...

Happy Birthday Momo you certainly had an amazing birthday meal and you and Pinot are so polite when you eat (in the video). I swallow my food as quick as quick. 2 seconds or less and it's gone and then I can try and get anyone else's dinner if they're too slow :-). Love from Magic x

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that is some celebration! Your dad sure makes some delicious-looking foodies!

Happy Barkday, Momo! :)

Rouky said...

Happy barkday Momo! You are such a lucky lady, getting treats like this! I hope you had a wonderful day! Mom is super impressed by how polite you are, dear Momo. Me, Rouky, I am the exact opposite. I have to learn from you!
The pizza really looks delicious too (as well as the wine, Mom adds!)!
We hope that the working-taking care-of-the-family dynamic is still going well. Thanks for the super nice comment on our blog.

~ Kirra ~ said...

I want my dad to emigrate to Canada, cos, I can share with you the delights of such tasty treats and have new pals.

Shelby said...

wow - that's quite the birthday feast, momo! I wanna celebrate my next birthday at your house!!

Matilda said...

I am sorry I am late.
Happy Birthday, Momo and Pinot!
Wooooow! Looks so yummy!

Matilda said...

I am sorry I am late.
Happy Birthday, Momo and Pinot!
Wooooow! Looks so yummy!