Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hi there! I am back! :) First of all, 'Happy Anniversary' to me!! I was welcomed by my mom and dad a year ago! Wow... it's been a year since they took me home!!! My mom and dad often tell me that their lives have never been the same since they got me. I am still the only sister/brother yet! I know my mom wants one more girl but we'll see... Being the only child is kinda nice! You know what I mean??? You know...I am their 'little princess'... :) As I said before we've taken millions of pictures already (maybe more..???) So here comes.... 'Momo Baby Album Part II'!! One cold day in last November, my mom and dad took me for a short walk to the park at the first time. I was carried in this Burberry-looks-like bag. (I can't fit in anymore!) I remember I couldn't stop sniffing the fresh and crispy air! I was so thrilled to see all creatures in this world. Some were 'cool', some were kinda strange to me. What was my dad thinking?? ;) He built this temporary shelter for me while he was checking out a bed at the dog boutiques. I don't look so happy, do I?!? It kept me warm but it was not the prettiest place to stay. Are you still taking? Don't we have enough pics? The bath time! I love taking bath! I smell very nice afterwards! Hey, this is my dad! My mom and dad instantly melt when I look at them... ;) It works VERY well! Yeeees, just giving a simple works Very well. :) I melt my mom and dad away so many times a day... Hey I don't remember this Burberry-looks-like sweater! I just wanted to chew everything I could around this time...

Thanks for visiting my blog again! I will see you all soon.


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