Monday, August 14, 2023

My bloggy: Summer edition!

Hello my dear friends!

I hope summer is treating you well.  
I am sorry that I haven't been around for a long time.  
Mom says she's very preoccupied since my bro is in the middle of summer holiday which offers love & hate relationships.  

I have no clue what it means.. BUTT...

I am doing well!

I take my mom for walkies three time a day
and try to 'observe' stuff in the city together.

As a curious puppy, I can't miss anything even in the sky.

Is that birdy or helicopter?

I look up and look outside.....

And saw a huge pawfect rainbow after the thunderstorms.

During "before bed time" walkies, I look for the colourful lights.

This was taken before 'Pride Month' kicked in. 

I meet many doggies everyday.  This day, I said hello to the big stiff one. 

I am still a good Food Inspector. 

I detect familiar smell every time mom comes home from groceries. 
See... she purchases the same thingy over and over. 

Speaking of observations, I learnt how to get on the dinner table 
which is also mom's work desk.  

I am very proud of myself!

I also learnt how to get on the kitchen counter!
Higher the better to face to my mom but she doesn't want me to get close to
a sink and stove.  
She says this is a BIG NO NO!  

This is my first and last shot on the counter. 

Oh good news!  I visited very nice vet lady and everything was OK!

Jack pot! I found a stick this morning!

There is a good salad bar!


Just like last summer,  we recently visited London, Ontario to support my bro
who ran 800 and 1200m race at the outdoor Championships.

Goooooo Bro!!

Being a way from the home was really fun.
I sniffed everything including Chester The Cavalier!

Chester! You look like my Angel sissy Momo!

Me on the comfy chair. 

After that weekend, I try to run like my bro! 

Mom almost cried when I hold a ring toy like my Angel bro Pinot
who used to carry his toy everywhere everyday.

Yesterday August 13 was my bro's 15th Barkday!
Wishing you many more happy years to come bro!

Until next time, take a good care everyone!

Juno/J & R


pilch92 said...

Great photos. Looks like a fun and busy summer.

Kinley Westie said...

Glad you're having a good summer!

Leigh said...

Happy Birthday to your bro and hope he is enjoying the summer holidays. Lovely photos too :)

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "That's some nice work getting up there on the counter, Pinot! Did you get training from a cat on how to do that?"
Lulu: "We're glad to hear about the good vet report and that you're getting in lots of excellent sniffing this summer!"

Zoolatry said...

My goodness you have certainly been very, very busy ... all sorts of places to go, things to do and see ... what fun! (oh, and happy belated birthday to your bro-fur) ... Little grand-pup, Xander is sort of "in school - day care now, cause his big sis-fur is going to medical school and he moved there with her. But he sends woofie-hellos to you and JUNE sends some kitty-meows. We always look forward to seeing you, so until next time ...
be good.

Duke said...

You are having a very busy summer, Juno, and boy, do I ever wish that I could counter surf like you did but my mom would never have it. Happy Birthday to your bro and congrats on your great vet check!

Helen said...

Happy summer vacation! We just came back from our last summer camping trip.

meowmeowmans said...

You and your family have been sooo busy, Juno! Thank you for catching us up -- we really enjoyed seeing these photos from all of your adventures. that rainbow was super cool.

Happy belated barkday to your bro. We can hardly believe he is 15 already!


Millie and Walter said...

You sure have had a busy and interesting summer, Juno. Thanks for catching us up. Happy Birthday to your bro the runner.

Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu said...

Hey Juno! Thanks for the update and also all the lovely comments you leave on our blog! We enjoy discovering Toronto with you (#1 has cousins there!). Glad to hear the vet found you in great shape. Our fave pic is the last one. Happy Birthday to your bro. Our #1 also has an August birthday, on the 21st!


C.L.W.STEP said...

Oh Juno! It's so good to see you! Glad to hear you and your family are doing well. Happy birthday to your bro! Thank you for all the great pictures of you in Toronto.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Lovely to see you again, Juno! Belated happy birthday to your brother. August is a good month for a birthday. Mine was on 15th. You take your mom for good walks.

carol l mckenna said...

Juno ~ you are adorable and so smart ~ great series of photos of you sweet one ~ how does Mom get anything done if she walks you 3x a day ~ Wow!

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

You are one busy pup,Juno!!

Even in the big city, there is so much to see, and marvel at!

Nice catch of that rainbow!

Happy Belated Birthday to your big bro!

MadSnapper said...

Juno you are so beautiful and smart and it looks like you are living the good life.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

wavez two ewe juno !!!! hope ewe R grate and yur familee iz two...oh, by de way ..YES...ewe CAN bee on de counter top...we R all de time ;) ♥

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi Juno...summers are a busy time for teenagers. My friend's 2 grandchildren are so busy with activities it is a good thing there is a parent for each child. Running them to and fro. You look quite adorable on the counter. Did you grow wings? Sorry Mom but living with cats you learn they go where they go and that is just it.
Lovely views
Hugs cecilia