Saturday, August 27, 2011

Morning walky and Barkday Bash!

***** Morning Walky with mom *****

Hello friends!!!
We're still around and we have a big announcement!

"We're going to fire the chief editor of our blog a.k.a mom!
This time, it's real!"  hehehe


No update on our blog for the longest time..

She never helped us to visit our friends' blog for the longest time.  :(  :(

Her excuse is what she went back to work and 'everyone' in the house
 is still adjusting to a new routine. 

We're good to accept our new routine.

This was our first morning walky with mom in a month.
It was a pawfect late summer morning and the air was very fresh.


"Ok.. we know all humans are trying their best.
Maybe we'll give you another chance, mom!" 

 ****** Barkday!  Barkday!!  Barkday!!! ******

Our brudder turned 3!

A day before his barkday, a helium tank was delivered to our house.  
Then mom and dad went to the pawty shop to get lots of balloons.
 When they finished blowing up about 70 balloons, it was already 2 in the morning.

"Can you see the rocket big tank behind me?" 

Let's prepare barkday balloons!

It was weekend but our brudder had a super accurate body clock.
He woke us up at 7:30 as usual.  

Our doggie friend who is a pressy from Mango had a pawty hat and ready for the celebration.   

"What is that?!?"

Our giraffe girl greated him.
She moved into our house before his birth so she was happy to join the celebration. 

Brudder was about to open one of pressies.

That's from us, brudder.

James met James, one of Thomas' friends.  :)  :)

After our afternoon walky and lunch....
Mom and dad had to take our brudder to somewhere that we couldn't visit.  

Their destination was ...  

Would you like souvenir  water?!?

Hello real giraffe girls.

 Brudder got to meet The Lion King and Queen.

Ok... it was a good idea to stay home.  :D  :D

Who made our brudder giggle the whole time......??

Monkey family!
They were jumping up and down around visitors' cars.

Monkey would say 'give me that junk food'
Hello very closely.  :D

After greeting many wild animals, it was time to take a break.

"Are they going to meet The Lion King and Queen again??"

Brudder enjoyed this short train ride.

 This was the end of our brudder's adventure!

*****  Pawty!  *****

Next day, after this picture was taken, we were playing with this Happy Birthday balloon 
on the balcony.
It was not a good idea.  We couldn't hold the balloon and he took off to the sky
 while singing 'happy birthday' song.
Up up up.... and very high up!!     :(  :(  :(

"This balloon is funny.  He sings!"

Besides, can you see all these dying balloons on the right of the photo?!?

Our home made Helium balloons were shrunken already.
So mom and dad rushed to the pawty shop again and get more balloons.

This time, there was no secret!  Even our brudder helped dad to blow up his own barkday balloons!


The Family Portrait.
The first attempt! 

Can you see our bum-bum?!?  

 Look what was placed on the table! This is what we were sniffing.  
Mom never allows James to eat chocolate (He must be doggie, too.) so 
this Bow Tie Cake was very special!

"Brudder, we can't sample this cake!!!!  Do you know that??"
 The Family Portrait!
 The 2nd attempt.

This picture looks better except me Momo who was still sniffing the cake!

A moment we finshed the shot, I Pinot had to jump to the table.

"Sissy, that's my cupcake!"

"yum yum..... oh hey happy barkday bro!"
Momo patiently waited to get her cupcake. 

Pink cupcake is mine!

Happy Barkday to you~
Happy Barkday to you~
Happy Barkday Dear James
Happy Barkday to you!!

 Momo & Pinot/J & R


Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy 3rd birthday to James! Where did the time go??? He can't possibly be three!
He sure did have a fabulous pawty at that safari!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Tooki said...

Oh my! Whew! That sure is a lot of activity and thank you for sharing! We feel as though we were there too celebrating brudder James' barkday...happy birthday James! You must be one happy brudder...:) Hello, Momo & Pinot, long time no see, hope to see more of you (hint, hint to your Mommi)!

Rubie said...

Wow that was a lot of balloons for Brudders B'day. I think I would like to bat them around when they come to the floor! The wildlife park would have been fabulous to visit.

I loved the family shots at the end!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

Magic said...

Great to see you back and what a celebration for your little brudder! Lovely family portrait too - you are both so cute in your party hats - love from Magic xx

Aiko macht sich Gedanken said...

Hi - oh my god, what a long and very exciting post - with all this adventure for little James with a safari and all this ballons - great - great pics - and I love to have a look on it all....most I like the cakes and I love the very last pic - singing happy birthday....I and my mum - we love your blog sooooooooo much and I say thank you for understanding that internet is not the very most important thing in the world.
So until next time - also XOXO and for you brudder from me a loud Wuff Wuff again.
Aiko - here the weather is so cold - only two days the last week a little bit sunny - anywhere we had to go through this saison - maybe fall brings some warm days more...;-)

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Happy 3rd birthday brudder James.
You were grinning ear to ear in your pawty. Handsome intelligent little man!
Oh I remember that doggy, gee my mom wouldn't let me come close to him. She said that doggy had to cross the border to Canada, he must be free from any scents, especially my scent. Momo, you missed it!
We're so sorry that we didn't visit you a long while, we miss you so much.
We're back with a few videos to share, will follow you around!

MoMo said...

Happy Birthday to James!!!! Can't believe it's 3 years already. We still remember your mom wanting to keep the arrival of brother James a secret :).

Love the 2nd family pic!!

peterpreobrazhenskii said...

Belated Birthday Greetings James and may next year bring even more baloons, cakes and extra treats to share with Momo & Pinot.

Luv to all Kirra and her loyal owner Peter.

Oskar said...

What a wonderful brother you have! I hope his 3rd year is wonderful.

Nubbin wiggles,

Schnauzer Days said...

Happy Birthday to James!!! We missed you guys, glad you're back. You had a great walk too, glad all is well with you :-) Dex and Lou xxx

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a great barkday party for your brother James. Looks like you all had fun.

We hope you're all adjusting to your mom's new schedule. That can be very hard sometimes.

Rouky said...

Happy Birthday to big boy James! What a great birthday he had! Mom and dad are really impressed (and they feel pressure!!!). All the photos are fantastic!
Mom wants to send a big virtual hug to your mom for her return to the workplace. Our mom is still at home, but she thinks the transition will be difficult next year. You are the best and you can do it!
Kisses from Fino and me!

jayneonweedstreet said...

Unbearably adorable!!! Happy, happy dogs!

Miss Kodee said...

These photos were amazing. I love his face while coming down the stairs the most! Childhood birthday memories are the best! This will be one birthday I am sure you will all remember for years to come!