Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tummy tagged!!
I was tagged by little Amber the other day. :) This is me... taking a nap. It's a very peaceful moment. :)

Wow, I never realize my paws are huge!Ah... mom?? Was I tagged to show my silly pic?!? Oh nooooooo, my teeth!!!!! (blush blush) Well..... I shall tag Sophie with lovely nails!!! :) :)

I was also tagged by preeeety Pearly and Sparky!!!

This time I have to post "The 7 Pawsome facts/habits about me"! (Sparky says 8!)

So here it goes...

1: I eat EVERYTHING! The eatable stuff or not so much.. I mean EVERYTHING! :)

2: I can sleep anytime anywhere! I am an apartment/urban dog.

The noise doesn't bother me at all.

3: I know how to use my front paws effectively.

I can hold anything using my front paws

and pull something out from hard to reach area using my one paw.

4: My high five is VERY high!! :)

5: I am always in the Standby mode.

When my dad opens the fridge I get up right away and monitor him

just in case he wants me to share something yummy. ;P

When my mom sneaks into the kitchen and

opens the cover to get snacks I can reach to the kitchen right away.

6: I love watching TV! I am not picky so I don't mind any programs.

Besides I have to catch up the latest gossips,ooops....., latest news in the world!

7: I understand the sign language!

When my dad gives me a command quietly using his finger

I know what I have to do.

8: I smile and say HELLO to every single human/doggie

I meet in the elevator. So everyone recognizes us because of ME! :)

Now I have to tag my friend. (Such a honour!!)
I am supposed to tag other 7 or 8 doggies
but I assume many of my doggie friends have completed this task already!
So now I shall tag only one friend. That is my new friend little Goofy! :)
Momo/J & R


Pearly said...

Thats a nice seat your sitting on... I want to cuddle next to! Wow what a list you got there... we're all standby mode when it comes to food.. ohh the yummie food! Paw hugs!

Janie said...

I eat everything too!

Janie T.P.

Boo said...

ahaha momo, that's one funny pic of you showing your teeth. i actually tag you too but since you've done it, it's alright!

wet wet licks


Asta said...

it's not the assignement, everyone else did great with it, I just can't think who I look like, I feel stoopid.
Magnolia bakery is in my neighborhood, there's always a big line, and it smells good, people love it.
My Mommy was brought up on more Austro-Hungarian pastry stuff, so it's too sweet for her taste, but that shouldn't stop your Mommi from trying it..she's just weird
lots of smoochie kisses

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Momo, I like your paw paw.
I've added a link to you too. :)

~ Girl girl

Jackson said...

Hey Momo, thanks for dropping by my blog. I love food too and I regard the fridge as my own personal snack storer. The sooner I work out how to open it myself the better! J x

Amber said...

Hi Momo,those are really nice pictures. Haha,you seem really comfortable. I eat everything too!! Thanks for sharing your facts. ^.^

Orson said...

**whoot** I like your tummy pics!

I love food too Momo! Maybe we could chow down together some time!


*Sasha* said...

hello momo,
You are a very pretty lady :) Nice to know you :)

Goofy said...

Momo, guess you need to tag another pal, I've just got tagged for the same thing the other day

PerfectTosca said...

Momo, it's a good thing your Mom has you so that people will recognize her.

Nice belly shot.

Momo :) said...

Hi Pearly, aaaahhhh... it would be so nice if we can cuddle together!!

Janie! I don't blame you! We all have something in common! :)

Boo! Yeah.. you tagged me but meantime I posted my silly pic. It's a funny coincidence! :)

Asta! Nooooo, don't feel that way! Some tasks are just too hard to think! :)
ok... Now I have to try this famous cupcake made by Magnolia Bakery! My mom often says Hungarian sweets are VERY nice. I wish I can visit your mommi and try her favorite stuff!! :)

girl girl! So nice to be connected!! Thank you for linking me!

Hi and welcome Jackson! Hooman always hide good things in the cover! It's not fair!!!

Amber! You're tiny but love to eat?? Goooooooood to hear! :)

Orson, you know what!! I would really love to meet you and chow down together!!

Sasha, hello and very nice to meet you!!!!! I am so glad you came by!

Goofy!! I know I know...!! After I tagged you I noticed that someone else tagged you as well. You're super popular!!!!

Tosca! I am sure everyone in your neighbourhood knows your name! :)