Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow storm hits Toronto!!

and... I just heard Winter storm &
Freezing Rain Warning! :(
Mom, dad, what is going on??
You said the worst month February
is just over and it will be getting warmer and warmer!!
Can you believe this? I just heard thunder as well.
Momo/J & R


Boo said...


are you alright! i hope the thunder didn't scare you. you can always run to mommy and daddy for comfort.

wet wet licks


Baily said...

ugh snow storm! i hope it is spring for you soon! we had our first warm and sunny day today woohoo!

puppy kisses

Anonymous said...

Hi Momo,
I like your blog! Still looking forward to meeting you....see you on Dogster


Momo :) said...

Hi Boo! We were alright, thanks! We should get flight tickets and move to your town!!

Nice to meet you Baily. We had a nice sunny day today as well but we slept in! gggrrr We missed an ideal day for a long walk. :(

Hello Prada!!
Thank you for visiting my blog. We are REALLY looking forward to meeting you and other cavaliers soon.

Momo xoxo

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Momo, We got the same storm here, but for once, by the time it hit us, the ice part was gone. We got a ton of snow! I just saw on the news that big sheets of ice of falling of skyscrapers in downtown T.O. That blasted CN Tower! I like your view.

Momo :) said...

Hello Sophie!
yeah... because of the chunk of falling ice from the skyscrapers the highway was shot down. What a weather!!
It's very cold here tonight...I guess it's same over there?? Stay warm, Sophie. :)

Momo xoxo